Rafting in Croatia Omis river

If you are thinking about yourself as adventurer, rafting is a discipline in which you must try. To down the foaming river, you need only a good will and swimming skills. If you listen to the skipper instructions on how, when and how strong pull, or when put into the boat and hold tight, you will experience the adventure that will boast a long time and you will never forget.
Every day. 4 persons minimum.

Price list:

  • From Split only 300 kn (40 €) per person. Transfer and delivery included!
  • From Omis 200 kn (27€) per person. Transfer and delivery included!

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Lulija: +385 99 735 2693 hr de

Ivan: +385 92 188 6946 hr en it cs pl

  • Included: swimming vests, helmets, paddles and, if necessary neoprene suits
  • Take: dry clothes, sun cream, towel
  • Reservations: 2 or more days before rafting
  • Who can go: from 7-77 years
Important: To avoid injury it is necessary to listen to the guide. It is forbidden to use alcohol and / or other drugs.

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